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Use CREATE to generate code so
your team can concentrate on

Product design


Project and client management


Adding highly customised features


UX design

Deliver a minimum 7X productivity gain on high quality customised code Dev

Exponential speed and cost gains across BA, PM and QC functions

Highly visible charge model

Simply by building your business logic into our intuitive interface

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Reduced project management with better outputs

  • Less client resources required at scoping and project stage with ease and flexibility of build.

  • Less project management resources required with faster and more flexible builds

  • Encourage client project kick off (even pre-tender) with accelerated build time and reduced client overhead

  • Deliver client centric un-compromised projects 


Productivity re-imagined

  • Up to 1000% reduction in project delivery time

  • Up to 90% cost savings on development costs

  • Productivity gains increase with project complexity and scale

  • Unlimited flexibility allowing for higher levels of creativity and better project outcomes 

Highly visible pricing

Budget . Build . Test . Pay . Modify



Genercode CREATE is ideal for any interactive project that collects or modifies data. The more complicated the data structure, the greater the time saving benefits.

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Create the business logic on the CREATE platform and the
AI engine automatically

Delivers fully formatted original code to your Git repository​​​

​Maintains generated code to latest revisions​

​Setups the database​

​Generates unit and feature testing​​​

​Fully integrates the outputs

We write the Tailwind

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CREATE automates the following tasks at all build stages

Database migrations

User authentication

Multi language dictionaries

Unit & Feature tests

Form validation


Setup and configuration i.e Tailwind

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