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The Platform

Use our interface to describe your projects data and business logic. Our AI creates a virtual BDLT feeding into a series of processes that allows developers and experienced analysts seamlessly translate concepts into production ready secure code.

The platform currently supports Laravel and  VUE Development teams (with React coming soon).

From dashboard to code in your Git repository in days not months.


Used by Developers and BAs to deliver projects of varying complexity. Requires Developers for more complex projects that need another level of customisation.

Maximise productivity

In parallel tests we have seen a minimum productivity increase of four weeks down to one without the compromises of current No Code platforms.




In more detail

Server Side Coding - PHP / Laravel

  1. The routes required to run the front end files and the back-end API calls

  2. The controllers, repositories and models required to process the data

  3. The requests to handle data validation and authorisation

  4. The responses to ensure that data is delivered in the correct format

  5. Observers to watch for certain logic and update the database where required

  6. Command line arguments to import / export data 


Front End Coding - Blade / Vue/ React

  1. One blade profile per profile

  2. One field component per data model field handling any validation and setting the field display

  3. All the controller files and components to set front end routes using vue-router, handle api calls, dictionaries for i18n, and provide a logical way to navigate the components.

  4. All pages including dashboard style pages, collections and CRUD type pages.

  5. Layouts are provided separately giving complete flexibility over the display of a site

  6. A standard core folder and modules folder are included to give additional basic functionality and extra control over how data is displayed. 

  7. Styling is done by an interface designer using tailwind.



  1. Feature tests are included for all API routes

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