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Our Platform

Genercode is ideal for any interactive project that collects or modifies data. The more complicated the data structure, the greater the time saving benefits.

How does it work?

The Business Analyst / Developer uses the intuitive interface to model the data, create profiles and set the business rules.  Genercode then creates and uploads the code to a nominated Git repository.

The Developer can host or customise the code as required and reailse their ambitions of delivering highly user centric output with engaged internal and external stakeholders. Genercode allows developers to concentrate on designing great products and higher level customisation. 

The Client sees speed, flexibility and an optimised solution. 


If not yet installed, the software will install the Laravel/ React platform, Vue and tailwind and any initial configuration changes required to have these running as well as some additional packages such as Laravel/ Fortify.

Data Schemas

Schema migrations are created automatically to handle creating new database tables / fields or modify existing ones. Changing the config in the Laravel package gives the flexibility to pick any supporting Laravel database the client requires. See more


The Laravel platform offers a number of safeguards to ensure the code is secure, including CSRF tokens and the ability to serve the site over https. Additionally, the code the software produces has been designed around the concept of profiles so authorisation and validation are built into the code level. See more

Technical & Security

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