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Create fully coded, highly customised and complex CRM, APIs and sites in hours not months.

The Platform

Use our interface to describe your projects data and business logic. Our Intendgine AI creates a virtual BDLT feeding into a series of processes that allows BAs and UI/UX designers seamlessly translate concepts into production ready secure code.

The platform currently supports React and VUE Development teams.

From dashboard to code in your Github repositery in days not months.


Used by Developers and BAs to deliver projects of varying complexity. Requires Developers for more complex projects that need another level of customisation.

Maximise productivity

In parallel tests we have seen a minimum productivity increase of four weeks down to one. 

We invite you to take the productivity challenge with our testing licence. See how long it takes to build an existing project and how you can make it much better - easily. 

Take the challenge

Genercode Create is ideal for any interactive project that collects or modifies data. The more complicated the data structure, the greater the time saving benefits.

Productivity re imagined

  • Productivity gains increase with project complexity and scale.

  • Simplifies and speeds up client engagement at all stages with rapid code build & client test.

  • Deliver multiple projects simultaneously.

Reduced client resource demand

  • Less client resources required at scoping and project stage.

  • Encourage project kick off (even pre-tender) with accelerated build time.

  • Flexibility allows for client centric delivery. 

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